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Tell City Leaders We Must Invest in Housing Stability

As Affordability Issues Persist, Tell City Leaders We MUST Invest in Housing Stability Solutions.

New York City is facing a historic housing and shelter capacity crisis that disproportionally impacts families of color. According to current data, there are over 32,500 children living in NYC DHS shelters. As shelters stay full, evictions steadily rise, and rent prices increase, housing stability is impacting more and more families. Up to 75% of households living in or near poverty are severely rent burdened, meaning rent takes up 50% or more of household income.

Before the city budget is finalized, we need your help to ensure city leaders prioritize and invest in reforms that reduce the homeless population, prevent unnecessary evictions, reduce the effects of child trauma, and are cost-effective compared to the high shelter-related costs. This includes funding and implementing CityFHEPS eligibility expansion, investing in agencies that process housing voucher benefits, and more.

Please take two minutes to tell City leaders to support the following priorities that would help tens of thousands of children and their families avoid evictions and enable them to exit shelter to find stable housing.